I’m a Groupie (and You Should Be Too)


It’s come to my attention this week that I’m a complete Greg Curran groupie, and you should be too. If I wasn’t so proud of my cyber-connection to this individual, I would probably be extremely embarrassed to have shared this with the world. Needless to say the facts are the facts.

So how does a well-educated, overly-analytical, teacher like me realize that she is a groupie? Here are five sure signs:

1) I follow Greg on all social media platforms that I can (find him on Twitter @GregBCurran).

2) I listen to Greg’s podcast over laundry and dishes.

3) When I received this Blogging 101 assignment to comment on a blog, guess who’s I went to right away? Yes, Greg’s.

4) I dream of connecting on a future project with Greg.

5) I hope Greg reads this and smiles.

If you, like me, have ever needed a nudge forward as an educator (or a person), you’ll know why Greg resonates with me. I chose to leave one of my first comments ever on his blog because I believe deeply in Greg’s ardent message of equity, I connect with his love of our profession, and I admire his ability to “push the edge”. I couldn’t possibly share enough about Greg’s blog. You’ll have to make sure to check it out yourself at www.pushingtheedge.org

Do you have a professional crush? Tell us who in the comments.


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