Teacher-blog Branding Day 2: Who Knew Auditing and Peer Editing Were the Same?!

Audit Your Blog

 Day 2 of Blogging 201

Assignment number two for Blogging 201 is to audit our blog to make sure it is in line with our brand. In teacher speak, this means peer editing. Much research has been done to show the effects of peer editing, especially when students know what to edit for. A quick Google search for “positive effects of peer editing” turned up no less than 1,870,000 results in a quarter of a second. And many of them are worth the read.

I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with Cynthia Franks, award-winning playwright who blogs at franklywrite.com. As a new blogger I couldn’t feel more fortunate about this wonderful connection. If you do nothing else today, go check out her blog to gather quality writing tips and see how she has used visuals to create her brand. She has a beautiful page that will draw you right in!

When you come back, I hope to share her comments about how I can improve my brand.

If you have thoughts about the look of my blog I’d love to hear them. What speaks to you? Do you have an emotional reaction? Are there any annoyances? Many thanks for helping me improve!


2 thoughts on “Teacher-blog Branding Day 2: Who Knew Auditing and Peer Editing Were the Same?!

  1. Oh my gosh! I’m taking this course and I need to get my blog in gear! I’m excited to see you are in 201! Yay!!!


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