Teacher-blog Branding Day 3: Mobile Friendliness

teacher's desk 3

 Day 3 of Blogging 201

Today Blogging 201 asks us to look at our blogs across multiple devices. Doing so helps us make sure all audiences receive friendly content. This makes me think of the art classes I have taken. Good artists look at their pieces up close, and from across their room. They do this to get a sense of what their patrons will experience and to gain perspective on their work.

In K-12 classrooms, we also have students engage in “gallery walks”. This may be to look at 2D art but it can be in other subject areas as well. Students share writing, posters of their math work, and their Science experiments. Walking around the classroom gives them new perspective on their work, and lets them know what their peers are doing.

If your reading this post on a tablet or mobile phone please let me know your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Teacher-blog Branding Day 3: Mobile Friendliness

  1. I am currently on vacation at the beach so yes I am reading this on my phone. The layout is just enough without being too busy. I think you have really committed to making this blog the best it can be. I did sign up for the blogging 101 course that starts in August so hopefully I can commit a little more time to my blog. I think you’re doing great and I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!


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