Teacher-blog Branding Day 6: Connect With Your Community

Connect With Your Community


Day 6 of Blogging 201

Day six  was all about customizing your blog so that it’s easy to share across your social networks. You know, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. But let me back up, first you need to know why social networks are important.

Building a social network, or PLN, will end the isolation of the closed-door classroom, forever. In education, social networking is called building a Personalized Learning Network (PLN). PLN might sound like just another acronym, but it’s not. In fact, it’s the best thing you can do to connect with other like-minded teachers. Taking one small step toward building a PLN will open up a wide world of sharing ideas, and staying inspired. Not sure what it is or how to build one, read this article.

OK, now that you know why you should connect across social platforms. Now you need to know how to. Here’s what I did to make my teacher-blog easier to share.


See the sidebar, over there to the right It’s got a lot of useful links. Things you’ll benefit from exploring. That’s where I’ve added a Twitter feed, a Facebook like box, and a custom image widget to connect on Pinterest.

Mobile Device Note: For smaller screens, click the title of the post and then scroll all the way to the bottom. The first widget is the Follow button.

You can also just click these links to see what I’m pinning and posting to inspire! PinterestTwitterFacebook.

Sharing Buttons

Along the bottom of the posts are my sharing buttons. I’m using the color icons because they are catchy to the eye. I also customized their heading to say “Inspire minds everywhere!” because that’s part of my blog’s brand.


Any time I post I use the publicize feature to share on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ (the social media that WordPress.com provides). I make sure to include obvious hashtags as well as one or two that might connect me with a new group of readers. It’s also a good way to discover new and useful hashtags for my own PLN. For this post I used #blogging201 #PLN #CE15 (Connected Educators 2015).

Tell us how you utilize a PLN, or have customized your blog to make the most of social media. Your comments are sure to inspire others!

Contact Me

If you have questions about anything educational, or this blog, I’ve added a Contact Me page, widget, and icon. There no bigger barrier to connection than not knowing how to get in touch with someone!

You can find it in the menu, the sidebar, and here.

Contact Me




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