About Me

About Me

Dawn Addis is a very ordinary middle-class American. As the writers and editors of her blog, we encourage you to interpret the word “ordinary” as broadly as possible. Dawn Addis enjoys blogging about herself because she can write in the third person without feeling as if she could use professional help. Her brain moves at about Mach 17, frequently confusing her children with its constant directional changes. Dawn enjoys hiking, long walks on the beach, and not being the one to cook dinner at night.

Dawn has been a teacher pretty much since the beginning of time. She decided she wanted to be a teacher when she was in junior high school, prior to the creation of the universe. She achieved her dream by going through several years of college to get her Masters’ degree and teaching credential. Shortly after the birth of her witty and charming first son, she moved with her husband to a small town on the California coast. She still lives there today.

Dawn decided to become a teacher because she felt compassion for children with special needs that weren’t treated equally. She wanted to right this dreadful wrong and briefly considered becoming a superhero, but couldn’t create and/or find an alter ego and costume to suit her educational identity. So she settled on teaching instead.

Dawn loves teaching to this day and is glad she didn’t become a superhero, not only because she couldn’t find an adequate costume, but because she enjoys helping children in a non-potentially life threatening way.

You may think that such an active person wouldn’t have time to write something like a blog. However, Dawn was immediately enamored with the idea that she could share her teaching philosophies without resorting to vigilante justice. So she decided to spread information through the most ubiquitous information transportation method in the USA: the internet.

Note: This hilarious and uncannily accurate “About Me” was by my 14 year old son during one of my many moments of writer’s block. He wrote it before he knew the name of my blog!

Want to know what I wrote for my About Me? Click here to read the story of how I came to be a teacher-blogger on a quest to save the world.



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