Why THIS Blog?

Why THIS Blog

Who I Am

Hi, I’m Dawn; a passionate, fifteen-year educator who believes in you. My career has spanned all kinds of teaching (see below). Right now, I’m a Teacher on Special Assignment supporting K-12, district-wide English Learner and Intervention programs. I love delving into new projects, supporting adult learners, and pushing for education reform. Find out more about me on my  first post.

What Drives Me

My love for learning, my thirst for community, and my sense of equity drive me. Experience has taught me that teachers do amazing things, especially when given the opportunity to work together. Who else but us can grow minds that will revolutionize the way we solve the world’s problems??

Why This Blog?

This blog is here to support you. Because teaching is hard work! And, if you’re like me, you endeavor to be a superhero but you have days when you don’t feel so super, or like much of a hero. You know that sometimes you need a hand. I’m here to lend that hand.

How I Got Here

When I was twelve I decided to be a teacher. So I set myself on a path that has led to this moment. As you can image, I’ve learned a bit along the way! Read more about that on my Slice of (a Teacher’s) Life posts.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned is that teachers need a strong network of support.

This need, along with my love of writing, caused me to start this blog on June 13, 2015.

Where to Find Me

Now that you know why I’m investing in this blog, please stay and be a superhero with me.

Follow the sidebar (bottom for smartphone users).

Connect on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. or go to the top search by category.

Check out the Where Else to Find Me page.


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