Who I Am and Why I’m Here

Be the change you want to see

Let’s Meet

I’m Dawn and, like you,  I endeavor to be a superhero. Not the kind who slays villains and saves victims. No, I want to be the kind who changes our entire world; one heart and mind at a time.

 My Core Beliefs

I believe in the power of public education to promote equity, justice, and a safe space for all voices. I believe that every being has gifts to share and a story to tell. I believe that learning is one of the most electrifying things to do. I believe that teachers are the backbone of societal change. And I believe that together we are stronger.

 Why I’m Blogging

There is no doubt that starting this blog is terrifying. Writing in a public venue instead of keeping a journal is like the time I needed a tooth pulled. I knew it had to be done and I was scared. So I pondered it for a decade while ignoring what needed to happen. But someone said to me recently that it’s time to “Dare Greatly” (more on this here and here). And I realized that if I’m not willing to take risks, how can I expect fellow educators and our students to? If I’m not willing to be the change I want to see, then how can I live out my superhero dreams? So I’m blogging to share myself with you. I’m blogging to support new and experienced teachers on your superhero missions. I’m blogging to promote an education system that values both our children and our teachers.

 What’s Coming Next

The focus of this blog is to promote the super in all teachers, even on days you don’t feel like heroes. My aim is to help you thrive as a public educator. This means that I’ll provide support as you honor and hone your teaching practice, advocate for your students and yourself, and navigate a career within public education. You can come here to find tried-and-true strategies, excellent reading recommendations, and worth-your-time resources. And I’m sure to share my point of view in a post or two.

Come learn with me!