My Guest Post Shared 4,500 Times! – 15 Things I’ve Learned in 15 Years as a Special Education Teacher

When I was in middle school I decided to be a special education teacher, and I never let go of that dream. Fifteen years ago I took the first step into my own classroom.

Since then I’ve learned an infinite number of lessons. You don’t have infinite time though, so I boiled them down to the fifteen most important things you should know as a special education teacher. These tips will help you survive and thrive! Click here to read them on Think Inclusive where I guest posted. It must be a worthwhile read because it’s been shared over 4,500 times!

@misssgtpickels made this beautiful infographic based on what I wrote. I was completely honored to see the time and effort she put in. I wish I had thought of it!

Not familiar with Think Inclusive? Their motto is “Tomorrow is Too Long to Wait for Inclusion”. Their site is packed with easy-to-read, thought provoking information and inclusive resources.

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9 Ways Over 9 Months to Create Time for Yourself as a New Teacher – Guest Post

If you’re a new teacher you’re about to enter a wonderful, but arduous, career. Survival means you’ll need concrete strategies to create time for self care.

Read this guest post that I recently authored for TeacherPop, the Teach for America blog.

It lists 9 concrete, easy-to-implement strategies to help you survive the school year.

When you’re on TeacherPop, make sure to check out their other resources like Teacher Tips, Your Stories and more.

This post was also re-posted with my permission on Beyond, the blog for Rocketship Education.