Where Else to Find Me

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Guest Posts

9 Ways Over 9 Months to Create Time for Yourself as a New Teacher – Originally posted on TeacherPop, the Teach for America blog, reposted on Beyond, the Rocketship Education blog; and reblogged on teaching knowledge and creativity.

15 Things I’ve Learned in 15 Years as a Special Education Teacher – Originally posted on Think Inclusive: Tomorrow is Too Long to Wait for Inclusion (this post has been shared over 4,500 times!).

A-Z Book List for New Teachers – Originally posted on TeacherPop, the Teach for America blog.

Using SEAL Practices in California to Fulfill the Promise of New ELD Standards – Originally posted on the ELLevation blog. ELLevation software “offers educators a detailed look at English Learners….”

Writer’s Groups

Teachers Write! Kate Messner’s writing course for teachers. Find my forays into fiction in the 2015 comment sections.

Social Media

Twitter: @daddiseducator

Facebook: School Teacher Superhero

Pinterest: daddiseducator

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